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Meeting the Prince: Stormy Clan 1 now available!

Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Wenna hasn’t dated anyone in years since her first love died too young.  Her best friend, Emily, has been trying to set her up for a while.  Wenna usually makes an excuse to leave early and never calls the guy back.

This time though, the charming and well-built Phillip draws her in.  She can’t help but get lost in his golden eyes and decides to give this whole dating thing another try.  Will Phillip awaken her desire for a lover?

What she doesn’t know is that Phillip is a shapeshifter and prince of the Stormy Clan.  With his father unwell, he needs to take the throne soon.  But things aren’t so simple thanks to the clan’s traditions.  What will he choose?
This book is a short story with bonus content at the end.

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