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Wife Watch (Case #005) available now!

Now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Janice and her husband Richard are your normal suburban conservative couple. At least as far as everyone else knows. Richard has a secret fantasy of watching his wife with another man! He starts grooming her for the idea by having her tell him naughty stories about her past experiences. After she runs out of stories, he has her start making some up, involving one of her coworkers, Ian.

One night in the heat of the moment, he confesses his secret fantasy to her. She doesn’t take him seriously until the next day when he suggested to have Ian come help her move stuff in the garage while he heads to the office. He tells her that she is going to have to get to know him better if she is ever going to help Richard fulfill his fantasy. Ian gladly comes over to help and after the work is done, he reveals a secret of his own to Janice!

This book is a short story with bonus content at the end.

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