Alpha Augmentation (Book 5) cover image

“Now, the oral examination.” She whispered.

Kevin is enduring a particularly challenging 18th birthday. A recent breakup with his girlfriend and his living situation with the woman of the house has turned his life into a nightmare. However, Kevin suddenly faints and begins to turn into a sculpted alpha male who is irresistible to the opposite sex! Life, as Kevin knows it, will never be the same!

Kevin’s life gets even stranger when a sexy blonde government agent unveils his mysterious lineage and promises a career in diplomacy and counterintelligence. Will he harness his massive powers for the greater good, or make this gorgeous blonde his bimbo slave and add her to his harem?

Alpha Augmentation Book Five: is a 7000+ word erotic short story detailing Kevin’s journey from an ordinary teenager to a dominant alpha male. Contains themes of harem domination, hypnosis, mind control, and bimbo transformation. Contains MF scenes! 18+ ONLY.

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