Alpha Augmentation - The Collection (Books 1-5) cover image

“Grab my hair.” She begged. “I want you to control my mouth.”

Kevin is enduring a particularly challenging 18th birthday. A recent breakup with his girlfriend and his living situation with the woman of the house has turned his life into a nightmare. However, Kevin suddenly faints and begins to turn into a sculpted alpha male who is irresistible to the opposite sex! Life, as Kevin knows it, will never be the same!

Empowered by his new abilities, Kevin envisions a chance to reverse the roles of the women who have wronged him and craft a harem filled with submissive bimbos. But can Kevin maintain his ethical compass when armed with the power to make every woman kneel before him?

Alpha Augmentation: The collection is five erotic short stories detailing Kevin’s journey from an ordinary teenager to a dominant alpha male. Contains themes of harem domination, hypnosis, mind control, and bimbo transformation. Contains MF and MFF scenes! 18+ ONLY.

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