Harem Cologne (Book 1) cover image

“You are quite the stallion, Master.” She whispered.

Mark and Beth’s marriage excels in nearly every aspect, except for one—the bedroom. Mark fantasizes about witnessing his stunning wife, Beth, in a more submissive role, but she leans towards a more conventional and reserved approach. She finds the idea of being a submissive bimbo to be distasteful. Their intimacy is frustratingly vanilla, with Beth only indulging in oral intimacy once a year, on his birthday.

However, Mark’s world takes a turn when he discovers a magical potion hidden within a cologne bottle. With just a few spritzes, the results surpass even his wildest dreams. Suddenly, his wife is letting him call the shots, doing anything to get a taste of his cream!

Harem Cologne Book 1 details Beth’s transformation into Mark’s perfect bimbo fantasy, It contains themes of bimbofication, bimbo transformation, hypnosis, and mind control. MF scenes. 18+ only!

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