Harem Cologne - The Collection: Books 1-5 cover image

“You are quite the stallion, Master.” She whispered.

Mark’s world takes a turn when he discovers a magical potion hidden within a cologne bottle. With just a few spritzes, the results surpass even his wildest dreams. Suddenly, his wife is letting him call the shots, doing anything to get a taste of his cream!

As Mark realizes that the enchanted cologne can be used on any woman, a realm of possibilities unfolds—every woman in his life becomes a potential conquest. From the b>sexy blonde customer at work, his bratty stepdaughter, and even the enticing FBI Agent will become of his b>harem of submissive babes!

Harem Cologne The Collection contains themes of harem, forbidden, first-time, brats, bimbofication, hypnosis, and mind control. MF scenes. 18+ only!

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


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