Ruling the Co-Ed: A Mind Control Story cover image

In the unforgiving landscape of college life, Wyatt has endured relentless torment from the hottest and most unattainable woman on campus. His days have been a perpetual struggle, a personal hell fueled by the cruel actions of the college hottie who seemed to revel in making his life miserable. However, a sudden twist of fate arrives in the form of a new professor on campus. This strange man becomes the catalyst for an overnight transformation in Wyatt’s life, gifting him an extraordinary power—the ability to shape and mold any woman into a submissive bimbo goddess.

Now armed with this newfound prowess, Wyatt embarks on a journey of empowerment and liberation. No longer confined to the shadows of his personal torment, he envisions a future where even the once-unattainable college hottie, the tormentor of his past, is rendered powerless against the irresistible force he has become.

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