The Bimbo App: Eli's Harem Book 3 cover image

Eli Stone, code whisperer, and social recluse, lives in a world of algorithms. But when Eidos Labs cracks the code of pheromone control, he is thrust into the role of “Test Subject Zero,” When Eli begins to navigate the uncharted territory of manipulating human desire alongside sexy Dr. Anya Beckett, he quickly finds out the breakthrough makes his manhood massively irresistible!, turning him into a walking love magnet!

Together, Anya and Eli decide to elevate his massive powers to the next level – turning their harem of lustful bimbos into a source of income. And what better place to find new talent than at the strip club!

The Bimbo App Book 3 is an Erotica short story of 5k+ words. Contains themes of harem, bimbofication, bimbo transformation, hypnosis, and mind control. MF scenes. 18+ only!

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


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