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I used to crunch numbers, not ribs. But under the shadow of Jax “The Tank”, my boss-and-fist, even simple sums blurred into a sweat-laced haze. But I took way too much. Turns out, “The Tank” packs a mean audit too. He caught me, cold, and now I’m in the ropes, facing a flurry of consequences.

Jax wants his money, alright, but not in coins or bills. He wants my sexy blonde wife! The only way out is through the ring, twelve rounds with a man whose left hook can rearrange your financial portfolio faster than a tax calculator. My hot wife Lisa knows about the debt, the threats, the impending pummeling. But now, the woman who loves me has to step in the ring, even if it means opening wide and spreading her legs for the Big Black Heavyweight.

This ain’t just a story about punches and balance sheets. It’s about loyalty, desperation, and the uppercut of love that can knock you out cold! So grab a corner, tighten your laces, and get ready to witness a fight where the real knockout comes not from a jab, but from getting cucked!

This is an erotic short story of 10K+ words. Contains themes of cuckolding, humiliation, and interracial sex!

Available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!


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